A Casual Graduation Party

As a mom of four kids, each milestone holds a special place in my heart, and hosting a casual graduation party for my son David was no exception. This family party was such a wonderful way to begin this new chapter of his life. I hope this will serve as inspiration for your own graduation party planning.

Keep it Casual

Keeping true to David’s laid-back nature, we opted for a casual yet memorable gathering. With the chaos of ceremonies and awards nights that come with graduation weekend, we knew catering was the way to go. BBQ sandwiches with traditional sides by Full Moon BBQ made hosting a breeze. This allowed for us to focus on what truly mattered – celebrating David’s accomplishments with our family.

Party Decor and Buffet Style BBQ

We had a custom hand-painted graduation sign (by Field and Flourish Design) made and hung it on the outside of our home, which turned out really cute. In our kitchen, we set up bamboo plates and buffalo check napkins in Furman’s colors, alongside wooden cutlery. This created a relaxed atmosphere fitting for a casual graduation party for guys. Food signage was placed near the buffet, including “Paladin Punch” (we used cups similar to these) and “Bell Tower BBQ”, all nods to his college, Furman University. I decorated the tables with a few casual floral arrangements, by Garden Party Design, striking the perfect balance between simplicity and charm.

I also had some framed photos of David on display, one of him when he was a toddler, and also his senior picture. We displayed his graduation cords and his diploma on a silver tray too. These items usually end up in a keepsake box and it’s nice to have them out on display for the weekend.

Graduation Party Dessert Options

For dessert, we enjoyed a custom cake by Edgars Bakery. A candy graze by The Little Fox Candy Co. provided a sweet treat for guests. We provided take-home bags so guest could also take some candy home. Custom cookies also added a personal touch. I also included custom napkins near the dessert buffet. (We also had the famous half moon cookies by Full Moon) This entire dessert spread was perfect for a casual party setting!

Outdoor Entertaining

Of course, I loved using my favorite bamboo chairs and white tablecloth-covered tables! We were so glad to be able to eat outside and enjoy the day together as a family. In addition, we set up our cornhole game which provided entertainment for all ages.

Words of Advice

One of the most touching aspects of the party was the “words of advice” table, where family members shared their wisdom and well wishes for David as he embarks on his college journey. Plain tassel bookmarks provided a canvas for heartfelt messages, creating a keepsake he’ll treasure for years to come.

As a mom sending her second child off to college, this celebration was bittersweet – a reminder of the passage of time and the exciting opportunities that await each of my children. David’s graduation party was a testament to his resilience, determination, and the love and support of our family and friends.

It’s my hope that our family’s party for David can serve as inspiration for your graduation party planning! Whether it’s your first or last child heading off to college, creating a memorable event doesn’t have to be complicated. Embrace the casual charm, opt for catering to save yourself time and stress, and include personal touches that reflect your graduate’s journey. Remember, it’s the love and joy shared among family and friends that truly make these moments unforgettable. Cheers to your graduate and the exciting adventures that lie ahead! I’ve linked some of my favorite graduation party supplies including items we used at David’s graduation party here below.


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Join the Party: Where Milestones Meet Memories! Subscribe to my blog for a dose of party guides, inspiration, and fun!