Ultimate Valentine’s Party Ideas for Kids and Teens

Sweet Memories for Little Ones

As a mom of four who adores Valentine’s Day, creating memorable celebrations for my children brings me so much joy. Here are some simple and classic ideas to make the kids’ party unforgettable.

Set the Table: Create a charming atmosphere by setting the table with heart-shaped tableware and cups. These delightful additions add a touch of whimsy to the celebration, making the kids feel like they’re dining in a Valentine’s wonderland.

Enhance the table decor by placing candy-filled vases as centerpieces. The vibrant colors of candies not only create a visually appealing display but also double as sweet treats for the little ones to enjoy during the party.

Craft Station: Let their creativity flow at a dedicated craft station. Provide an array of materials like colored paper, stickers, and glitter for making Valentine’s Day cards or creating cute heart-themed crafts. This hands-on activity not only entertains but also makes for adorable keepsakes.

Party Menu

  1. Heart-Shaped Sandwiches: Delight the little ones with heart-shaped sandwiches filled with their favorite ingredients. You can use cookie cutters to create these cute, love-themed treats that are sure to win their hearts.
  2. Cupid’s Fruit Kabobs: Create colorful fruit kabobs using heart-shaped fruits like strawberries and watermelon. Thread them onto skewers for a healthy and festive snack.
  3. Sweetheart Cupcakes: Bake cupcakes and let the kids get creative with decorating their own sweetheart cupcakes. Provide an assortment of toppings like heart-shaped sprinkles, pink frosting, and edible glitter for a fun and delicious activity.
  4. Valentine’s Day Popcorn Mix: Whip up a sweet and salty popcorn mix by combining popcorn with Valentine’s-themed candies, like heart-shaped chocolates and pink and red M&M’s. It’s a snack that combines the best of both worlds.
  5. Heart Cookies Decorating Station: Set up a cookie decorating station with heart-shaped cookies, various colored icing, and an array of sprinkles. Let the little ones decorate their own sweet masterpieces.

Don’t forget the grown ups: If you are hosting a gathering for toddlers or preschool friends, be sure to have some fun snacks for the parents, such as charcuterie snacks on a heart shaped board, and chocolate covered strawberries for a sweet treat. Include a “love potion” mimosa in these fun glasses.

These Valentine party ideas are great for a class party, Valentine themed birthday party, or neighborhood gathering. I’ve linked some of my favorite tableware and decor items here.

(Photo above is from a party by Holly Hollon and Christina Brockman featuring party decorations by Party Pickup.)

Teen Time: Pizza Party & Cupid Karaoke

Now, shifting gears to cater to the older ones – the teens. Here are some ideas for a Valentine’s celebration that teens will love.

Make Your Own Pizza: Transform the party into a casual and enjoyable affair with a make-your-own pizza station. Provide a variety of toppings, from classic pepperoni to gourmet choices like sun-dried tomatoes and arugula. This interactive activity not only satisfies their appetites but also encourages mingling.

DIY Photo Booth: Set up a DIY photo booth with heart-shaped props and a simple backdrop. Teens love capturing the moment, and this adds a touch of trendy fun to the celebration. Share the photos instantly or print them as keepsakes for a lasting memory.

Cupid’s Karaoke: Finish the night on a high note with Cupid’s Karaoke. Create a playlist of love-themed songs and let the teens showcase their singing talents. It’s an entertaining way to wrap up the festivities.

In the end, whether it’s the joy on the little ones’ faces or the laughter of the teens, a well-thought-out Valentine’s Day celebration creates cherished memories that last a lifetime.


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Join the Party: Where Milestones Meet Memories! Subscribe to my blog for a dose of party guides, inspiration, and fun!