Valentine Gift Guide for Kids and Teens: A Mom’s Selection of Sweet Surprises

I’ve had so much fun creating this list of Valentine gifts for kids and teens. As a mom of four, I’ve learned that combining traditional treats with thoughtful and practical gifts ensures a Valentine’s celebration filled with joy. I had so much fun creating this list of unique goodies for every age group, making this Valentine’s Day extra special. Shop each age group from tots to teens below for Valentine gifts and goodies! Additionally, there is a list of my favorite valentine candy for all ages at the end of this post.

Babies and Toddlers

For Valentine gifts our littlest ones, consider soft and cuddly stuffed animals, colorful baby puzzles, or adorable onesies with heartwarming prints. Opt for gifts that engage their senses and create moments of joy during this delightful stage.

Preschool Girls

This age is so much fun and girls will adore imaginative play gifts including dress-up costumes, a play tea set, or fun toys and games.

Preschool Boys

Boys at this age with a love for adventure will appreciate valentine gifts like a superhero costume set, building blocks, or an imaginative play tent. Encourage their curiosity with presents that stimulate creativity and provide hours of entertainment.


For the energetic boys in your life, consider sports equipment, remote-control robot, or age-appropriate board games. These gifts cater to their active lifestyles while fostering a sense of friendly competition and camaraderie.


Creative valentine gifts such as art supplies, DIY craft sets, or personalized stationery appeal to the artistic nature of young girls. Watch their eyes light up as they express their creativity and share their heartfelt creations with loved ones.

Tween Girls

Tween girls often appreciate trendy accessories, jewelry, or tech gadgets. Consider items that align with their growing interests and evolving styles, providing them with a sense of independence and self-expression.

Tween Boys

For tween boys, gifts like science kits, challenging puzzles, or interactive games keep their curious minds engaged. Look for presents that blend entertainment with education, making learning a thrilling adventure.

Teen Girls

Teen girls love staying on top of trends, so consider fashion accessories, beauty products, or tech accessories. These gifts allow them to express their unique style and embrace their individuality.

Teen Boys

Teen boys often appreciate the latest tech gadgets, sports equipment, or stylish accessories. Opt for items that align with their hobbies and interests, ensuring they feel both appreciated and on-trend.

Candy Favorites

Wrap up your Valentine’s Day celebrations with a touch of nostalgia by indulging in favorite candies from the past. From classic conversation hearts to timeless chocolates, reminisce about your own childhood as you share these sweet treats with your loved ones. I’m particularly fond of the conversation hearts!

(Valentine Party photo by Holly Hollon at her home featuring party decor by Party Pickup)


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