Camp Care Package Guide for Kids and Tweens

As a mom of four, I absolutely love sending care packages to my kids when they head off to camp. It’s a little way of reminding them of home and letting them know we’re thinking of them, even when they’re away having a blast. Packing a care package for camp requires some thought and planning to ensure it’s both fun and practical.

Tips for Packing the Perfect Camp Care Package:

1. Check Camp Rules:

Before you start packing, it’s essential to check the camp’s rules about packaging and what items are allowed. Camps may have restrictions on certain foods or candies due to allergies or other issues like bugs. Ensuring your package complies with camp regulations will prevent any disappointment upon arrival. For example, the camp where my kids attend requires all camp care package items to fit in a manila size envelope. This information is helpful when shopping for care package items!

2. Include a Heartfelt Note:

One thing I always include in my kids’ care packages is a heartfelt note. A personal message from home can provide comfort and encouragement, especially if they’re feeling homesick. Taking the time to write a note shows them how much you care and can make a world of difference during their time away. You can also remind them to do practical things- like to wear sunscreen and brush their teeth!

Camp Care Packages for Girls

When it comes to creating the perfect camp care package for girls, think about items that can add some fun as well as comfort to their camp experience. Consider including a variety of colorful hair accessories like scrunchies, headbands, and clips to keep their hair managed during activities. A small makeup bag with essentials like lip balm, nail polish, and travel-sized toiletries are always a hit. Don’t forget to add some creative outlets such as coloring books, gel pens, or friendship bracelet kits to keep her entertained during downtime. Personalized items like a monogrammed water bottle or a custom-made keychain for her backpack can also make her feel extra special. Lastly, throw in some sweet treats and healthy snacks for an energy boost, along with a heartfelt note to remind her how much you care.

Camp Care Packages for Boys

When preparing the ideal camp care package for boys, focus on items that will keep him entertained and comfortable. Think about including fun outdoor gear like a mini flashlight, fun water toys, or a cool baseball cap to protect him from the sun. Small gadgets or toys such as a Rubik’s cube, a deck of playing cards, or camp stationary can provide great entertainment during downtime. Athletic supplies like a new water bottle, sports socks, or a small sports ball can be very practical. Personalized items such as a custom keychain or a camp-themed bandana can add a special touch. Also, don’t forget to include some fun, non-melting candy and healthy snacks, , and a personal note to let him know you’re thinking of him.

Items to Include in the Summer Camp Care Package:

1. Snacks:

Individually packaged snacks like granola bars, trail mix, and fruit snacks are always a hit. These snacks are convenient for campers to grab on-the-go and provide them with the energy they need for a day full of activities. Candy is a fun gift to send too, if it’s permitted by the camp. It’s important to be sure food and candy items won’t melt in transit- if you aren’t sure, take extra precautions to keep items cool. Make sure to check camp rules when sending any food items.

2. Toiletries:

Small-sized toiletries like travel-sized shampoo, conditioner, and body wash are essential for any camper. Packing these items ensures your child has everything they need to stay clean and fresh throughout their time at camp.

3. Sunscreen and Bug Spray:

Help keep them protected from the sun and bugs with travel-sized sunscreen and bug spray. Camp activities often take place outdoors, so it’s crucial to pack these items to prevent sunburns and bug bites.

4. Activities:

Include small games, puzzles, or books to keep them entertained during downtime. Campers may have free time between activities, and having something fun to do.

5. Comfort Items:

A favorite stuffed animal or blanket can provide comfort when they’re missing home. Packing a familiar item from home can help ease feelings of homesickness and provide a sense of security during their time away.

6. Stationery and Stamps:

Encourage them to write letters home with some stationery and stamps. Writing letters can be a fun way for campers to stay connected with family and friends while they’re away.

Remember to personalize the care package with items you know your child will love. With a little love and thoughtfulness, you can make your child’s time at camp even more memorable and enjoyable. I’ve linked some of my favorite camp care package items below.

Sending a thoughtful camp care package shows your child they are loved and remembered, even from afar. By including their favorite snacks, a heartfelt note, and fun activities, you can bring a smile to their face and make their camp experience even more memorable. As a mom, I know how important it is to stay connected, and a well-prepared care package is a perfect way to bridge the distance and show your love. So, take the time to assemble a special box filled with love and joy, and let your child know you are always thinking of them. Click here for my entire camp essentials packing guide.


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