Snow Day Essentials: Embracing Winter’s Simple Joys

We live in an area where snow is a very rare, so the mere hint of its arrival sends waves of excitement through our household. When the weather forecast mentions snow, it’s our cue to prepare for a day of winter wonder and family fun. I’m excited to share with you some of my snow day essentials. These include items that my family loves -and that I also think would be useful as a mom on these fun filled, but also long days of snowy weather. It’s good to be prepared on days like this!

Snow Day Essentials

Our snow day essentials are probably similar to most families. We dust off the snow boots, and ensure a steady supply of hot chocolate to warm our hands and hearts throughout the day. I love the idea of a big breakfast and warm dinner on a snow day. The waffle maker and slow cooker are such a big help on snow days, helping us to make a cozy breakfast and simmering soup as the snowflakes fall outside.

In addition, over the years I’ve learned that it’s super helpful to have an electric blanket and warm blankets at the ready for when coming in from the snow.

Activities for Kids

Kids love to rush out to play in the snow- which of course is so much fun. After they get cold and tired, they of course want to come in to warm up and rest. I’ve compiled a list of fun indoor activities for kids and teens- that will make the snow day fun inside between breaks of playing in the snow.

  1. Play Tunnel Tent Combo: Perfect for little ones.
  2. Cardboard Playhouse: Color with washable markers!
  3. Inflatable Bounce House: A great addition to a playroom on a snow day!
  4. Indoor Basketball Goal: Ideal for kids and tweens.
  5. Friendship Bracelet Maker: Such a fun activity for tweens and teens.
  6. Indoor Putting Green: Perfect for teen boys!
  7. Classic Twister Game: Offers entertaining physical activity for kids of all ages.
  8. Narnia Book Set: This is one of our favorite sets!

Family Activities for a snow day

  1. Movie Night: Complete with a popcorn maker and comfy chairs for teens and kids, setting a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere.
  2. Indoor S’mores: Creating a cozy treat for the whole family.
  3. Charades and Karaoke: Providing a mix of laughter and bonding through classic and entertaining games.
  4. Game Night with Cookies: Combining the joy of playing board games with the sweet delight of cookies, making family game night a heart warming tradition.
  5. Jigsaw Puzzles & Hot Chocolate – Puzzles give the whole family something to work on throughout a snow day.

Outdoor Play Snow Day Essentials

We all know the very first thing kids want to do on a snow day is head outdoors. Outdoor play essentials include sleds and warm weather gear.

So when the snow is in the forecast, it’s a call to transform an ordinary day into an extraordinary one. I’ve linked all the items mentioned for your convenience. Here’s to making the most of winter weather with simple joys and cherished family moments.


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