Holiday Gift Guide for Tween Girls

The holiday season is almost here , and as a mother of four, I’ve come to realize that choosing gifts for each of my kids can be both enjoyable and a bit tricky! Tween girls, particularly those in middle school, are at a fun age- however, gifts can be challenging. They’re beginning to embrace their personal style but still love games and toys. I’ve curated a Christmas gift guide with a blend of trendy items and beloved classics for these young girls.

Holiday Shopping List for Tween Girls

One fantastic gift option is a Karaoke Machine. Tween girls often have a passion for music, and a karaoke machine will provide hours of entertainment with their friends.

The Twister Air Game is a classic game with a twist that guarantees laughter and fun for the whole family.

Wireless Headphones are another ideal gift choice. These are perfect for music, audiobooks, or simply enjoying some peace and quiet. Look for stylish and comfortable options to suit their tastes.

Art Supplies are an excellent gift to encourage their creativity. Consider sketchbooks, colored pencils, watercolors, or any other materials that align with their artistic interests.

As the colder months approach, a cute pullover is a must. Find one in her favorite colors to keep her warm and stylish throughout the season.

To keep her feet warm and trendy, consider gifting a pair of Ugg Slippers. These are great quality and are perfect for cold mornings.

For a sweet and icy treat, a snow cone machine is a fun kitchen gadget that she’ll love. This is also a fun activity to do with friends!

Middle school is a time of personal growth and self-discovery. Therefore, inspirational books can be incredibly meaningful. Books featuring stories of resilience and courage are particularly relevant.

Lastly, don’t forget Mongrammed Gifts. These items add a personal touch to your presents and can include customized jewelry, monogrammed accessories, or a photo album filled with cherished memories. At this age, including trendy items like a personalized neon sign adds a touch of individuality and tween style to their space.

The tween years fly by and it’s important to recognize this unique stage of life. This gift guide is designed to provide a delightful mix of trendy and timeless gifts that will bring joy to their holiday season. You can find my gift guide for tween boys here. I’ve linked all of these items and more below.


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