Christmas Movie Night: The Polar Express

Welcome aboard the Polar Express Christmas Movie Night, where we are watching the Christmas classic. It’s filled with magic, and heartwarming moments. Grab some popcorn and gather your family for a festive evening.

The Polar Express has always held a special place in our hearts as a family tradition. It’s a timeless classic that we watch together every holiday season. Particularly when our son James was just a toddler, it was a source of delight for him. He would mimic Tom Hanks’ iconic line, ‘All aboard, this is the Polar Express!’ With twinkling eyes and and enthusiasm, James made the experience all the more magical. As he’s grown, our family’s love for this heartwarming movie remains a part of our holiday festivities.

Here are my ideas for a fun Polar Express movie night, with an added birthday option if you are in need a December birthday idea! Add a few of these elements to make holiday movie night extra fun for everyone.

Setting the Scene with Train Tableware: To truly capture the spirit of the Polar Express, start with delightful train-themed tableware. Decorate your table with train-shaped plates, cups, and napkins. These decorations will transport your guests right into the world of the movie. In addition, decorate with a few miniature train figurines too, and you’re on track for a magical movie night.

Polar Express Menu: No Christmas movie night is complete without festive snacks. For your Polar Express Christmas Movie Night, offer a menu that is easy for you and that your guests will love:

  1. Hot Chocolate Bar: Create a hot chocolate bar with some fun toppings, including marshmallows, whipped cream, chocolate shavings, and caramel drizzle. The experience is reminiscent of the iconic “hot, hot, hot” scene in the film.
  2. Train-Trail Mix: Prepare a train-themed trail mix with mini pretzels, popcorn, and colored candies. Serve them in train or Santa themed cups.
  3. Santa’s Cookie Station: Set up a cookie decorating station with an assortment of cookies, icing, and sprinkles. Store bought sugar cookies will work for this! Encourage guests to decorate their own cookies. Enjoy them while watching the movie, or send with your guests for a take home treat.

Decking the Halls with Magical Decorations: Transform your space into the North Pole with some fun decorations. Enhance the atmosphere with twinkling string lights to mimic the Polar Express’s festive atmosphere. Scatter cozy blankets and pillows around your viewing area for comfort. Don’t forget the iconic “Believe” bell – a must-have party favor for any Polar Express movie night.

  1. Christmas Lights: String white Christmas lights around the room to recreate the cozy, magical atmosphere of the movie.
  2. Snowy Wonder: Add artificial snow or cotton batting as table runners for a snowy effect.
  3. All Aboard Sign: Hang a “Polar Express All Aboard” sign by the entrance to welcome guests to this magical adventure.

Birthday Party Bonus: Make this movie night a birthday party to remember by adding these extra touches:

For the birthday centerpiece, consider a custom train-themed birthday cake featuring elements from “The Polar Express.” Create a special gift-giving moment, allowing the birthday guest to open their presents during the film’s “first gift of Christmas” scene. Afterwards, guest can enjoy birthday cake. Provide guests with conductor hats or train whistles as party favors. In addition- follow these easy steps to make this Polar Express Birthday extra special.

  1. Add some fun mylar Christmas balloons to the mailbox, as well as on each side of the movie screen.
  2. Include Christmas themed cupcakes along with the hot chocolate bar.
  3. Lastly, add take home favors for your guests including my favorite holiday themed gable boxes.

A Polar Express Christmas Movie Night is a great way to celebrate the holiday season or make a birthday party truly magical. All aboard for an unforgettable night!


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