Christmas Cocktail Party

As the holiday whirlwind kicks in, I’m excited to share a Christmas cocktail party for busy parents. I’ve included some ideas on how to enjoy a little grown-up time amid the seasonal frenzy.

Home for the Holidays or Out on the Town

As a mom of four, the holiday season is always a whirlwind of activity. From decking the halls to shopping and keeping up with the kids’ school events, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. That’s why my husband and I have made it a tradition to make some time for ourselves before the holiday whirlwind takes over. We love the idea of hosting a Christmas cocktail night for our adult friends, giving us all a chance to unwind and catch up before things get too hectic.

However, if hosting at home isn’t an option due to a busy schedule or limited space, we often opt for a night out at a nice restaurant. We love meeting friends out for dinner during the holidays. It’s a great time to catch up and relax. Either way, it’s about reconnecting with friends during this special time of year.

Here are some practical tips for enjoying a stress-free Christmas cocktail night:

  1. Simple Yet Festive Decor: If you choose to host, decorate your home with a few tasteful holiday touches such as twinkling lights, a wreath, or a centerpiece of seasonal flowers. Moreover, if you’re heading out, select a cozy restaurant with holiday decor.
  2. Cocktail Selection: Whether you’re hosting at home, offer a variety of easy-to-make cocktails. A few classics like eggnog, mulled wine, and a signature Christmas-themed cocktail can set the mood without requiring a bartender’s expertise.
  3. Finger Foods: At home, you can keep the menu simple with appetizers and finger foods like cheese platters, charcuterie, and mini quiches. In addition, encourage friends to bring their favorite dish to share.
  4. Festive Music: Create a playlist of holiday tunes to set the mood.
  5. Relaxed Dress Code: For both hosting and going out, encourage your guests to come in comfortable attire.

The goal is to enjoy each other’s company without adding more stress to an already hectic season. Whether it’s hosting at home or meeting up with friends at a local eatery, a Christmas cocktail night is the perfect way to cherish the moments that truly matter during the holiday season. You can find my favorite items for creating a Christmas cocktail night below.

Here is a favorite recipe from one of my local creative friends, Elizabeth Hubbard.

“Jingle Juice”


Bottle of LaMarca Prosecco

Publix Brand Cran-Apple Juice

A bag of whole cranberries frozen

Directions: Pour whole bottle in a fun festive glass pitcher. Pour juice at your discretion, you don’t want too much. Taste it and you can always add more. Add 1/4 bag of frozen berries. Put in a festive cup of choice- yummy and light!

Cheers to a delightful Christmas cocktail party! You can also shop all of my favorites items for hosting below.


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Join the Party: Where Milestones Meet Memories! Subscribe to my blog for a dose of party guides, inspiration, and fun!